Typeform vs Google Form

Collecting data is important for various reasons. You can use it to gather people opinion about your products or try to understand what the market wants from your company. To collect their data, you can use online survey tool like Typeform and Google Form. If you are interested about both tools, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Typeform and Google Form
– What Typeform and Google Form can offer to you
– Typeform vs Google Form

About Typeform
Typeform is an online survey tool that you can use to collect data from your audience. The software will ease your work on making the most interesting survey form with its many customization, so your audience will be more interested on answering your questions. Have been around and marketed towards individual, businesses, and other organizations since 2012 making Typeform one of the most well-known software in the market with popular customer like HubSpot, Trello, and Forbes.

Typeform Pricing
One thing that always welcomed by user from a software is the availability of free version. Typeform offer you a free version but of cource with some limitations. The free version only let you get 100 responses per month with 10 field of question per form. If you want more ability, you can choose between two levels of subscription namely Pro and Pro +.

Pro will let you get unlimited responses as well as unlimited fields for 1 user start at $30 per month while Pro + will let you do the same but with more user start at $59 per month billed annually. For similar software, check our article on Typeform vs SurveyMonkey here.

Typeform Features
Typeform works great on every device, so you don’t have to worry about your audience can’t access your form from their device. One of the best things on the software is the ease of use. You basically can build your form in the same like making your notepad since Typeform is able to anticipate your question as you jot them down. You may custom your form with numerous designs to make it look more interesting for your audience.

Not only used to collect data from your audience, you may use Typeform to bring your contact form to live with voice and tone that match your personality or company or use it as online shop and use Stripe to receive the payment.

About Google Form
Google Form is also an online survey tool available today. Unlike the survey software we have talked before, this one is completely free. We are also sure many of you have been at least filling the form or even using it for your personal use. Not only used by individual, Google form is also used by many businesses to collect data from their audience. Even though it is free, you can do some basic customization, such as what kind of answer you want.

Google Form Features
As it have been mentioned earlier, one of the best thing about Google Form is it’s free. Unlike many other online survey tools that limit their free version into for example 100 responses or 10 question per form. Google Form let you create unlimited amount of surveys, survey pages and questions as well as unlimited responses depend on where you store them.

In Google Form you will be able to make your form with its 9 question types, 5 question features, 5 layout options, 4 confirmation page options, 2 form response page options, 2 from response destinations and many more.

Now, let’s compare Typeform with Google Form. Typefrom offered a free version but with limitation while Google Form is free to use and will let you to make unlimited questions as well as unlimited responses. From the customization, Typeform offer better and more designs options compared to Google Form. From the versatility, Typefrom also offer more ability, such as Quiz and Online Shop.

Typeform vs Google Form

TypeformGoogle Form
- Paid version start from $30 per month- Free to use
- Free version limited to 100 responses per month and 10 fields per form- Unlimited surveys, responses, questions, and pages
- Offer other type of utility, such as Quiz or Online Shop- Only used as Survey tool
- Offer more design options- Limited design options

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is better to choose which is more convenient for you or your business. In our opinion Google Form is enough if you only need basic features but if you need it to do more than Survey, you may want to consider Typeform.

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