Typeform vs SurveyMonkey

Typeform and SurveyMonkey are two popular survey tools available in the market. Not only they provide you with many advance features, you also can use both of them for free. Before making your decision, go check our article below first to help you know which one is more suitable for you.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Typeform and SurveyMonkey
– How many you should pay to get their Services
– What Typeform and SurveyMonkey can offer to you
– Typeform vs SurveyMonkey

About Typeform
Many of you probably already with Typeform, which is a survey software solution that you can use to collect data from your audience. This software is marketed towards businesses, institutions as well as organizations to collect data that was initially done in text and blank boxes into more interactive mediums, so the audience will be more interested to being part of the activity. Being released since 2012, the company already has numerous popular clients, like Apple Inc., Airbnb, Uber, and Nike, Inc.

Typeform Pricing
One of the best things on Typeform is it can be used for free but of course with limited abilities. This free version let you take 100 responses per month and 10 fields per form. The paid versions are kept simple with only two levels with Pro and Pro +.

Pro will cost you $30 per month billed annually for 1 user and you will get unlimited responses as well as unlimited fields. Pro + will cost you $59 per month billed annually for more than 1 users and you will get the same ability like Pro.

Typeform Features
Typeform can be used in every device to ease people when filling the form and give you the data you need. Creating the form is a breeze; you practically can do it like making a notepad since Typeform is able to anticipate question types as you jot them down. Besides using Typeform to collect feedback, you may use it to sell your products, services, or tickets and receive your payments through Stripe.

About SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey is also ”Software as Service” that you can use to conduct a professional survey or creating and deploying market research. It also one of the most popular online Survey tool you can get in the market aside another big name like Zoho survey. SurveyMonkey boast its ability to gather information as well as an easy to use interface to help you making your form easier. However, you do still need a little time to get used to how the software works.

SurveyMonkey Pricing
You can use SurveyMonkey for free but of course with some limitations. With the free version, you can do unlimited surveys but each one of them can only contain 10 questions. The paid versions are available in 3 levels, Standard, Advantage, and Premium.

Standard will give you unlimited surveys and questions for 1000 responses per month at around $15 per month; Advance will get you the same ability as Standard but for unlimited responses at $169.73 per year; and Premium will get you the ability of Advance but with more advance features at around $459.8 per year. Check our previous article on Pipedrive vs Zoho here.

SurveyMonkey Features
After you done making your form, SurveyMonkey genius will predict how well your survey will perform. You may send your surveys via web, email, social media, etc. Not only you will be able to view the data you collect; you can even perform deeper analysis and download visual data or export it to SPSS. You may also do some customizing to create multiple views of your data.

One of its new features is Quiz and you can use it to test your audience on any subjects and give the score automatically at the end. To compare their scores, ranking, percentile or completion times, you can track everyone has or hasn’t taken your quiz.

Now, let’s compare Typeform with SurveyMonkey. From both software allover features or capabilities, we can see that SurveyMonkey not only collect and view the data you have been collected but also provide advices on how to improve your survey as well as ready to read charts and graphs, so you can analyze your data further. Both offer free version for individual or smaller businesses and if you compare them from the price, SurveyMonkey is more affordable than Typeform.

Typeform vs SurveyMonkey

- Paid version start at $30 per month- Paid version start around $15 per month
- Free version is limited to 100 responses per month- Free version offer unlimited surveys
- Not as powerful as SurveyMonkey- Offer more features compared to Typform

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is indeed better to suit the software of your choice with your need. Both offer great features for individual or smaller businesses but if you want more powerful tool, we highly recommend you SurveyMonkey.

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