Vistaprint vs Moo

If you think that business card is no longer relevant due to the internet, then you are greatly mistaken! Business card is still an important and powerful tool in the business world, especially in direct marketing. Giving a business card is seen as a mark of professionalism.

Just like how the internet is ever evolving, the business card design is also getting even more creative. Innovative business card can complement the newer marketing technology and giving you an extra edge over your competitors. There are several good reasons why business cards are not obsolete even in today’s paperless age.

Vistaprint vs Moo

First of all, giving a business card provides you with a personal yet professional touch. When you are having a first time face- to-face meeting with your potential customers, business card will provide you with great first impression.

Exchanging business cards is also still considered to be an important business culture, especially in a country such as Japan. There is even a specific etiquette on how to exchange it. While it may seem insignificant, the business card culture cultivates professionalism and trust. Exchanging business cards is a sign of goodwill and important first step toward partnership.

Moreover, business card is still the most effective direct marketing tool. Business card is very flexible and portable which you can give out anytime and anywhere you meet your potential clients. You may come across many potential clients in your daily life, whether it is in the subway or airport.

Business card will help you to harness this opportunity to create a new partnership.
Which online business card provider is the best?

Now that you understand the importance of business card, you need to choose the best company to print them. There are many online business card providers which offer you with competitive designs and prices. However, Vistaprint and Moo are the two best online business card providers.

Vistaprint has been around for 20 years. It has been providing excellent marketing tools throughout the years. Vistaprint is also known to be the best online business card provider for small businesses. This company offers you with vast selection of templates with affordable price.

If you are looking for the highest quality of printing, Moo is the online business card provider that you can rely upon. This company is known to produce high-end business card that is suitable for professional artists or photographers.

In order to choose which provider is more suitable for you, we are going to compare their price, template design, printing and paper quality, and turnaround time.

Price Comparison

In terms of pricing, Vistaprint is considered to be one of the cheapest business card providers. You only need to spend $16 for 100 cards with basic features. You can ask for customization, such as paper stock selection, die-cutting, folding or custom inks with additional fee of $6 to $20 per 100 cards.

Moo offers you with more expensive option. You will need to spend 40 cents per card with standard 16-point paper stock. However, if you order more than 200 cards, they will offer you a discount. Features upgrade will cost you 8 to 40 cents each card. Moo’s pricing is more expensive than Vistaprint but this company offers you with full color and double side printing without an extra fee.

Template and Design Comparison

Vistaprint provides you with more than 8500 templates which you can customize with their tool. You can also upload your own design if you don’t think that their templates are suitable for you. Vistaprint also offers you with a service in which you can ask for professional designer to create your business card in 24 hours.

Moo offers you with less templates but their design are considered to be more modern. Just like in Vistaprint, Moo also provides you with design tool which is easy to use. You are also allowed to put unique photo on each of the card’s back side you order which is very interesting, especially if you are a photographer.

Printing and Paper Quality Comparison

Vistaprint offers you with affordable business card with decent paper quality with various selections. It also has various printing options. With the basic price of $16 you can get matte or glossy style. Vistaprint also provides you with raised print and spot gloss. If you want your card to be shiny, Vistaprint provides you metallic finish option too.

Moo has higher quality paper selections compared to Vistaprint. The basic option features a high quality 16 point card stock which is sturdier than Vistaprint’s paper. Moo also provides cotton paper and luxury 18-point or 32 point paper stocks.

If you need fancy letterpress card or high tech business card with NFC chip, Moo will also be able to deliver them to you. The NFC chip business card can provide digital information such as direction and contact details. See also: VistaPrint vs UPrinting.

Turnaround Time Comparison

You need to consider the turnaround time when you are ordering online business card. If you run out of business cards to give and need to reprint them as fast as possible, these two companies are considerably quick

Vistaprint offers you with a quick shipping if you order certain predesigned templates. You can get your business card shipped as fast as 24 hours depending on your design and customization. You are provided with shipping lead time which are generally quite accurate and reliable.

Moo is one of the fastest business card providers. You can have your cards delivered in the next business day if you order them before 2 PM depending on your design selection.

Vistaprint vs Moo

- BBB Accredited and Google Trusted Store - Upload your own or use their modern MOO designs with premium, matte printing
- Offer ongoing sales and promos for extra discounts (automatically applied to order)- Printfinity, unlimited designs on one order
- 100% guarantee – money back or reprint if you’re not satisfied - Letterpress available and can print any design with rounded corners

Conclusion of Vistaprint vs Moo

In the end, if you are a budget-minded person who needs quality business card, you are recommended to choose Vistaprint. This company offers you with quite reliable and fast service at an affordable price.
Moo, on the other hand, is very recommendable for those of you who are looking for high-end business card and have more budgets to spare.

Moo is capable of delivering modern business card with high quality print and vast selection in fast manner. It is a very suitable company for photographers or artists who want to showcase some of their works in the card, or CEOs who needs chip-embedded cards to impress their partners.

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