Vivid Seats vs Ticketmaster

There’s good news for you which hobby watching a concert, because now you no longer need to queue up to buy concert tickets, much less to have to hunt down Your favorite artists for concert tickets. Through Vivid Sites vs Ticketmaster you will be served by booking tickets in accordance with the event that will take place in the near future. Then, the application of which is better? The answer is here if you refer to this article.

Vivid Seats
Vivit seats is a nice feature for you being a buyer or a seller. They send, store at will-call or email to you for printing. All options are additional cost, but that is the case of most concert Ticket sites. Obviously the seats also offer paperless tickets, or “flash seats.” With this option, you carry the ID and credit card used to purchase tickets for the concert. The clerk will swipe your card and verify your identity and purchase, and you’re on. It is not available everywhere, and you will not be able to sell tickets if you can not attend the concert. This service offers mobile apps to buy tickets on your phone. You can use this convenient feature to buy tickets while you are out, or just before the concert begins. While the app will be a call-option, it does not offer central pick-ups like some of the other Service’s review. Interactive seating charts are available to many, but not all, places. That means you can click on the part of the seat and the special information for their seats pops up to your screen. You can also sort the list by section, line and price. If one of the seats has an attached VIP package or parking ticket, you will see a note with the listing. The website also provides a slider to let you set the price range. It’s standard on many sites and very helpful when you know your budget. See another comparison between StubHub vs Vivid Seats.

Ticketmaster is the fastest, most convenient way to buy 100% verified tickets for your beloved live entertainment, including music, sports, art and theater, festivals and family events. Use the new interactive map of all our seats to choose the perfect seat, or choose from our Top Picks and compare the best seats available in all parts. With Smart key for Android, your username and password are saved for quick login and checkout. Using Android pays to keep your credit card information safe and complete a transaction with one tap. Send Tickets to friends before the show, sell your tickets later if your plans change, and even get on with your phone in many places. Plus, get jumped on tickets with mobile warnings and app presales-just specific to your favorites. You can search by upcoming or popular events, or search for specific artists, teams, shows, or places and add events to your calendar. You can also take advantage of exclusive presales app-just to get tickets before anyone else. Then, after purchasing, choose the exact location of your seats on the interactive seats chart or compare the best seats available in each section with Top Picks. In addition, you can view the set list, listen to clips, get driving directions, and see upcoming events for your favorite artists and places.

Vivid SeatsTicketmaster
- The official website is The official websites is
- Based on Chicago, America- Based on California, America
- Was created in 2001- Was created in 2010

Ticketmaster is recommended for you who want to see and check the latest update box office, it aims to look whether there are any tickets available because they tend to be cheaper if the events are not sold out. And the Vivi Seats seems have very poorly built, and you are better off buying your tickets on other web or apps which are recommend sites.

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