Wrike vs Trello

It can be a difficult task for business owners and owners to choose a suitable project management solution from hundreds of applications available in the market. In this article we will try to hep you by comparing Wrike vs Trello, two of the most popular project management apps. Read on to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses and how they stack head to head.

Product Description of Wrike
Wrike is a project management solution that allows users to track projects, monitor deadlines, prioritize tasks, and work with others on a multifunctional team to get the job done. Tool has won several awards and earned positive industry recognition. There is also a detailed review of Wrike available here. Wrike’s features include project submissions and subprojects in a more flexible hierarchy, creating task projects from emails, editing work schedules on Gantt charts, file sharing, RSS & iCal feeds, tracking time, version control tasks, Microsoft Excel import and export, activity flow, Microsoft Import project, API, Google Apps integration, permalinks, tagging, center dashboard, rich text in description, three pane layout, and mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. This tool has basic CRM functions as well as custom field and custom workflow. It also allows enterprise managers to decentralize updating and monitoring plans.

Wrike’s vision is to streamline work for all workers into graphic work and let various employees collaborate and discuss data related to joint work, just like anyone shares his or her personal photos, news on social networks, and interests. Solution is better? Here is a detailed review of both Trello and Wrike including their good and weak points, which analysis works better for different types of businesses, they have features, prices, and other essential elements.

Features on Wrike
When compared to competitors, Wrike offers many exclusive features. These features are absent from the creation of tasks for execution. They include:
1. Live Editing: This makes your digital work space more dynamic. Attach files directly to the task, edit an attachment without downloading it to your computer, and keeping a clear history version to eliminate confusion of the documents approved. You can collaborate on files with my teammates and see what they are typing in real-time.

2. Timeline-based Gantt Chart helps your organization to remain objective. the tasks drag-and-drop on the interactive timeline to fit your schedule, create milestones and dependencies with a single click and compare planned vs. actual progress.

3. Easily create Project templates and the task of returning to the work routine or repeat. If you hold an annual event or Conference, for example, you can use the template each time-it is a real time-saver.

4. Bring your team to the conversation easily. Quite @mention in the comment task to send them notice of instant and timely response. At the same time, you can get the benefits of Stream Live Events, custom dashboard and Email integration.

5. Visual reports and Analytics. This tools is golden when you need precise, real-time analysis of your progress and performance.

Project Description of Trello
Trello is a collaborative solution that can organize your various projects onto the board. A quick glance Trello can give you details about what the project is working on, the staff working on that project, as well as where something is in your task or projects. We also prepared Trello’s detailed review here. Trello has reached over five million users worldwide by 2014. Cable magazine declares the tool in September 2011 one of the “coolest 7 startups you have not heard yet”.

Trello gives you the opportunity to drop long email threads, not-so-sticky notes, outdated spreadsheets, and clunky tools to manage your projects. Tool allows you to see everything about projects and other activities at a single glance. Trello supports iPad, Android, Windows 8 and iPhone mobile platforms as well. The website has also been designed to be accessible from various mobile web browsers. Trello has a wide range of work and personal usage, such as real estate management, bulletin board schools, project management software, case law office management and lesson planning. The hotel offers rich APIs and email-enabled capabilities that allow integration with service-based services such as IFTTT and Zapier as well as many enterprise systems.

Features on Trello
These will be spelled out some of the features the awesome Trello and very easy for you to use:
1. The organization of the group that you can add more than one group or team work within the Trello could set as private or public. In a group you can add more than one “Board”. Add new group on the New Organization button to the right of your profile page (when you are logged into the Trello).

2. Board in Trello can assumed as a large chalkboard where we put the to do list note. one board could use for a project and you can add, alter or arrange the panels in a board. Add the member’s or your co-workers involved in a project with the Add Members button.

3. Card refers to a to do list in the Trello. Add a card on the button Add a card under any of the panel board. Simply drag and drop to move a card into another panel. In a card you can take advantage of features such as adding comments and mention your co-workers like in twitter by using the “@”, upload a wide range of both text or image file, and set the date of the deadline and give the vote.

- The cloud based deployment is annual subscription fee for each user login- The cloud based deployment is monthly subscription fee for each user login
- Offers task management, time tracking, resource management, reporting, and budgeting- Offer task and resource management only
- It is compatible with all operating systems- It is compatible with all operating systems

At the beginning, both Wrike vs Trello is suitable for all types of business you have including small startups even up to big companies. They can still help your company to manage various projects and every task that leads to better planning and employee organization of your employees. Trello is a good choice for freelancers who manage multiple recurring projects for different clients. You can create different boards for each of your clients. This allows you to create an individual list depending on how each client manages delivery and payment. In contrast to Trello, Wrike is a more powerful project management application that helps companies complete projects and tasks successfully. All team members can stay up-to-date on details such as deadline work and they can complete tasks faster by prioritizing task work, tracking update work in real-time, and receiving timely feedback.

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