Wunderlist vs Evernote

Application needs to note the Affairs-records can no longer combine with related applications, because surely full of limitations. For business travelers, Notes applications is urgently needed to support the activity and productivity. Fortunately, there are already applications that assist the businessperson to remember everything. An example of this application is Wunderlist vs. Evernote. Why the verses? Because of the comparison to be made between fellow in terms of function up to the pros and cons. This application can be run on personal computers, smartphones and tablet-based iOS and Android.

Product Description of Wunderlist
Wunderlist is one application a good to do list and highly recommended for you. Wunderlist is developed by 6wunderkinder, one of the tech company based in Berlin, Germany that focuses to make integrated applications across a variety of platforms. Initially the application makes only Wunderlist Ruber for Mac and Windows, followed by applications for the Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android. In order to become more successful, they approached Atomico (who also plays a role in the birth of Skype) to help them from the investment. Wunderlist similar applications actually has many, such as Any. Do and Astrid. Even normally each operating system had its own Notes applications that we can use to record everything. However, with several advantages, Wunderlist managed to achieve it.

Benefits of Wunderlist
By using Wunderlist, you are not only getting an application of just a note, but also as the following below :
· Wunderlist can access Wunderlist either from the Desktop (Windows and Mac) and Mobile (iOS and Android). Wunderlist and runs well on all platforms.

· There are not many options that are on display, but it’s even Wunderlist became an advantage because users become more focused to take notes. The features that are there are also presented with easy, not as complex as Any.Do that is so difficult for the novice user.

· Wunderlist cool aspects put forward in its appearance. This is visible from the background that they offer, all of which give the impression of calm and elegance.

· So far Wunderlist still allows its users to use standard features him without having to spend money to pay-ever.

· And the last, in fact all the required features of the application, there are reminders in Wunderlist. Sharing with your friends, email reminders are sent automatically to the setting to create a recurring activities or activities that should be preceded by other activities, are all available.

Weakness on Wunderlist
Then, what are the disadvantages of application this Wunderlist when we have seen the many advantages in the previous paragraph. According to some user experience from Wunderlist, they would find it difficult at the moment to access the application through Wunderlist browser with an internet connection that is less stable. Then, the early appearance of Wunderlist has limited access only on certain operating systems, but along with the passage of time, Wunderlist continue to be developed.

Product Description of Evernote
We hope before you go on the ext and next paragraphs, you can take a look on similar object of Evernote on this page Neat Receipts vs Evernote. So, what is Evernote by the way? EverNote by Evernote Corp., have started to be known as an application note-recorded popular. Any text typed could be changed its format into a bolded (bold), italic (italic), and underscore (underline). Each paragraph can be sorted by number and bullet points. EverNote is a great tool for students. Whether you are pursuing a degree in robotics or PhD in the field of anthropology, Evernote makes it easy to organize all the lectures and assignments so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. And, for a limited time, a decent student could get Evernote Premium with 50% discount. (You can read also : Evernote vs OneNote)

Benefits of Evernote
You can use EverNote on whatever your conditions are, for example :
· Use Evernote as a digital Binder where you can store all of your lessons, school info, schedule, and anything that you collect during the school day. Start by creating the structure of a logbook to store notes that are similar together. Create separate notebooks for each class. Keep a record of all the class lectures, laboratories, and project your group in the same notebook.

· Use Evernote on your mobile phone’s camera to take a photo of a whiteboard and printed material. And EverNote takes care of the image through the process of character recognition that make words that are hand written can be searched.

· Make sure you don’t miss important things. If allowed, use Evernote on your mobile phone or laptop to make an audio recording of a lecture or discussion group to Your text notes.

· EverNote gives you simple tools to add notes to PDF. Highlight an important part of the syllabus and Your task sheet. Add text, arrows, and shapes to draw attention to what is important in your reading.

· Save the whole web page to Evernote Web Clipper use. Save screenshot, image, and important information from the student portal online in Evernote, along with other related records. Save info online about campus, class info, and info Club as a record. Save events calendar, hours, library, weekly meal, menu and location of emergency evacuation in Evernote.

Weakness of Evenote
One of the disadvantages or we can say with weakness on Evernote are such as Evernote is not yet designed to synchronize data we have with other users. And also unfortunately, limited free version features and bandwidth per month. But better use it rather than the loss of data and can be accessed anywhere depending on the availability of the internet network. The disadvantage of the other i.e. Checklist and Reminder, owned by Paintnote, as well as proprietary ColorNote Note Everything. To date, a mix of ColorNote with Evernote will make Android gadget you have complete notepad application. The lack of Paintnote on the Evernote application is not an issue, because this feature has no significant function. But if you like doodles activities using the Android handset, you can add application Note Everything.

- Wunderlist is developed by 6wunderkinder- Evernote is developed by Evernote Corp
- Wunderlist at first is only provided for Mac and Windows- EverNote gives you simple tools to add notes to PDF
- Wunderlist make a cooperation with Any.Do and Astrid- It has 50% only for students

The final thoughts on both Wunderlist vs Evernote will be as great as the contents above. Wunderlist is being an alert and repeat systems, while Evernote;s strength is being a massive cap on more than 100.000 notes and it has an ability to take notes in the form of photos or voice memos. If you are not prepared yet to pay for note taking and need a free alternative, Wunderlist seems be good on you with more enough abilities. What if you are prepared to pay for your note taking service? Take the Evernote then.

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