Yammer vs Slack

In a company or an office, it is impossible if we do not do such as discussion in daily activities. As the development of technology, we get more helps in software that could help us to do several easier tasks such as communicating, counting, sending, and even meeting. You know also we do not always have time to meet and discuss something even it is important or crucial thing to do. Nowadays, that is not a problem anymore, since when? Since there are applications to help you through activities related to those problems. You can say there are Yammer and Slack with a suitable name here: Yammer vs Slack.

What is Yammer?
Yammer is a software company to share data, files, photos, with fellow coworkers, whoever and wherever they are. The startup was launched in 2008. This week’s rumored to be acquisition by the King of Microsoft software. We think both parties are still secretive about this acquisition because there has been no official announcement, but the Wall Street Journal said that Microsoft will pay the price of US $1.2 billion. The official announcement is expected to be done early this coming week. Yammer is often referred to as a clone of Facebook to work. As social networking within the enterprise, Yammer allows co-workers to install files, links, announcements, questions, photos, polls, events, praise, and sharing information of fellow co-workers who are wherever their location. Yammer connects companies that have multiple-location so workers could share needed information, then all workers can do their jobs around the world.

How Yammer Works?
· Join In Group
You can join a public group, but must be invited to a private group. When you create a new group, you can choose to make it public or private. Click the link for the group to find the group you want to join or to create a new group.

· Follow Someone
When you follow someone on Yammer, it means you want to see messages from them in Your feed. You can search for people by name using the search box, or you can scroll browse bait all companies and follow someone who posted about the things that interest you.

· Reply to the Conversation
When you reply to a message, Yammer to start a thread. This makes it easy to keep track of what everyone is saying. To reply to a message, click the Reply under that message and the reply box will appear.

· Like the message a person
When you like a person who posted the message, the message will receive a notification that you like it.

· Check Your Inbox
Your Inbox is a place for you to view, prioritize, and manage all conversations most relevant to you at Yammer. Your Inbox contains messages that you follow.

Benefits of using Yammer
Yammer is Social Networking can be used to business users, be it large or small, companies can improve their personal network with a company email account asking to join. In addition, companies can also open social networking Yammer using another email. So, it can create its own Yammer networks associated with or community is not limited to a specific domain and email. For developers, Yammer also has offered a fire. Where users can build applications and extend the functionality of the software and could have been used for the platform into a social networking service.

What is Slack?
Slack is like the IM Group on steroids. Messages and comments piled directly on top of each other; not like the scene where the post was created which has a comment section. You will find that messages can be pushed invisibly quickly enough, so the slack user often always comes in, in the same way they always pay attention to their emails. This slack is great for instant and fast messaging between team members; the scene is not handled properly (Microsoft will recommend Skype). It’s possible to use slack for non-essential information, but I’ve found that creating a new stream of communication spontaneously does not always work well because of the overlapping nature of instant messaging.

How Slack Works?
· Team and Channel
Slack space divided by team conversation. Each team can make the conversation group needs or subject. Thus, the discussions remain in accordance with their significance. For example, you have multiple companies, you can tell the difference. Later marketing team can discuss in #marketing, the production team can discuss at #production.

· Share and store data
The slack support share data in various formats, such as pictures or documents. Shared data will be saved in the cloud belongs to Slack. In addition, this service also integrates with a variety of cloud services, such as OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Drive.

· Format and type the Command
Slack already supports typed format standards such as bold, italics, or crossed out. Not only that, it also supports other formats such as quote and code block. Another thing worth mentioning is the service supports the mention, such as Twitter and display the emoji through typing.

· Application integration services
With typed commands, we can enter the to-do entries in the Slack, and log in to the application in question.

· Intelligent Solutions
This service is available on a variety of platforms. There is an application on your desktop or in Windows, Mac, and Linux beta. There are also in such mobile Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Benefits of using Slack
Slack can be the answer for those who need an application that can handle the entire communication within a team/company. Why? Because it uses email to communicate between team felt it was too stiff, and elaborate the archieve because need to dig very deep and with a long time, especially if you are struggling with attachment files. In other ways, using the chat would faster to communicate between teams, but yes the chat feature, plus hard to find important things in chat. Slack is the solution to it all. Developed by Tiny Speck, Slack work as team-messaging application, but with many additional features. Slack are cross-platform, searchable, and very customizable. You can attach files for sharing, or move files easily between Slack and a provider of cloud. The slack to make work easier, without making you and the team felt was working.

- All platforms or Mobile Operating Systems- All platforms or Mobile Operating Systems, except Windows
- Pricing start from $ 3.00 per month- Pricing start from $ 6.67 per month
- It has bigger company in United States- It has bigger company in all around the world

Yammer vs Slack are two effective tools for communicating between teammates at your office or your company. They are quite similar especially at the surface. They are only behaving differently that make distinct. The only way to see and understand the difference between Yammer and Slack can be seen at their taglines. There is a thing you must notice that Yammer is “the enterprise social network”, and Slack is “a messaging app for teams”.

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