YouTube Music vs Apple Music

Music is a part of our life and there seems not to be a day when you don’t listen to any music or song whether it is intended or not. Today we no longer carry a music player but streaming them from our smartphone as it is more convenient and both YouTube Music Vs Apple Music are great choices to light up your day. If you are interested to try their plans, go check below about what they can offer and possible differences.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Is Music Streaming Service Worth the Money
  • What are YouTube Music and Apple Music
  • How are the Pricing of YouTube Music and Apple Music
  • How Many Songs are in YouTube Music and Apple Music
  • Are YouTube Music and Apple Music Available in Your Country
  • What are the Library Limit of YouTube Music and Apple Music
  • How are the Integration of YouTube Music and Apple Music
  • What else YouTube Music and Apple Music can offer
  • YouTube Music Vs Apple Music

Music Streaming Service

The majority of us can’t live without their favorite songs and while it is not in literal meaning, we honestly can’t imagine how bleak those days will be. Even while writing this article we are currently listening to a new release from our favorite artists. In the past it is very common to see young people snapping a CD player on their hip but it is all yesterday’s technology as our smart phone can handle almost everything today and you don’t have to rip anything just to bring those songs everywhere. Read also: Everydollar vs YNAB.

Before the era of smartphones arrived, we were utilizing the phone for music players as well but it usually by transferring a ripped or downloaded files to the memory card and as you may already familiar with, we used to be restricted by the storage capacity as well. We can still remember having more than one memory card to interchange with each other because the phone can’t use bigger memory and we want to save videos, music, or games on the phone.

Today, we still have this memory limitation especially in phones with no expandable storage but, starting from video, games to music itself are no longer a problem. With smartphones, most of our activities are done on the internet including when listening to music. Many of us now are moving from storing music physically in the phone to accessing them legally from various streaming services out there. It is a very hot subject however, about whether the service is worth your hard earned money or not.

In our opinion, the answer will vary among users and their behaviors or habits when listening to music. The best part of streaming service is their convenience and access to a vast collection, moreover they are legally listed on the platforms so those who often felt guilty downloading illegal files will feel better by using these platforms. Imagine downloading and storing the amount of options we have in those services, we don’t think our smart device can do so much.

They are easy to access and what you need is only internet connectivity to listen to them and many apps also let you download the files for offline listening when you have no reliable data or Wi-Fi. The consideration is whether you will listen to a wide variety of artists or only a bunch of them because it can be a waste if you pay so much just to listen to 5 or 10 artists since we can just rip our CDs and transfer them. But, for those with varying taste, streaming service will be worthy as you can listen, discover, and more.

About YouTube Music and Apple Music

The choice is all yours because we have freedom to pick which seems to fit our lifestyle or habit the most. If you are not sure yet we can try their free trial first and see whether you like it or not and in general streaming services are not as expensive as your Netflix subscription so we do think they are still very much affordable for many of us. While the options are not as varied as for example smartphone brands, it can still be quite confusing to choose one.

If you are here then it means the platforms that catch your interest are YouTube Music and Apple Music as both of them are among the most popular along with other competitors like Spotify. These platforms are very powerful as well and competing with very little but very promising competitors does make them have to stand at the top by offering various features or capabilities in which some may not have. When it comes to collection however, they have almost everything for those with a wide range of musical taste.

If you have been using Google Play Music, you will be more familiar with YouTube Music as it is the successor and looking at how popular it gets today, this plan seems to be a great success for the company and even more interesting for those who are into YouTube ecosystem in general. On the other hand Apple Music is the main option if you are an iPhone user and this platform is also relatively new compared to iTunes as it is only 5 years old; similar to YouTube Music, it covers a prominent market already.

Based on the market share in the first quarter of 2020, Spotify is still leading the share at almost half the market using this streaming platform while the second biggest share is owned by Apple Music. YouTube Music itself seems to still have a long way to catch up to the rest but with its native features, some people may prefer their service better.  

YouTube Music and Apple Music Subscription

Talking about subscriptions we must talk about their price as well because this is actually the base to make purchasing decisions for the majority of us. We personally have been using Spotify for quite some time and liking it very much but the first thing that attracts our attention is the affordable price which may vary from one place to another. In the US itself the service of Apple Music is $9.99 per month, $14.99 for a family package and it doesn’t have a free version.

If you have been using Spotify, we all know that they give free service but with the cost of you must listen to ads from time to time. In YouTube Music the free option is eliminated hence you can only apply for a free trial which sometimes was offered at 3 months long but now it is probably back to one month again. The price for its monthly subscription itself is the same to Spotify which is $9.99 per month.

YouTube Music and Apple Music Amount of Songs

The first thing you may want to know about music streaming service is probably their amount of songs but we don’t think a difference between what’s claimed to be 50 million and 60 million will have such a huge impact in real life application. YouTube Music itself doesn’t specify how many songs they have in the catalog but in most cases popular artists from all genres can be found on their apps and personally we don’t know that many songs as well.

YouTube Music and Apple Music Availability

Next is about availability in your country because depending on where we live, the options can be quite different yet, if you are in the US then both are available from your smartphone app stores. In comparison however, the coverage of Apple Music is wider than YouTube with 167 compared to 95 countries as of now and these are already a lot if you check Spotify which is only available in 79 countries now but, we are sure all streaming platforms will widen their coverage as they grow.

YouTube Music and Apple Music Library Limit

Another factor you may want to know is the library limit because it decides how many songs we can add in the library and for this part both YouTube Music and Apple Music are the same which is up to 100,000 songs. Compared to Spotify which is only 10,000, both of them are very amazing and definitely the choice of those who will store and listen to a huge variety of music, especially in shuffle. It is not a big deal for us but in years the amount can add up quite quickly.

YouTube Music and Apple Music Integration

In modern days we have tons of smart devices that we bring anywhere or put at home and one of the common considerations is how well these platforms will play in your ecosystem. As an Apple product Apple Music will work with all of its brothers and sisters from smartwatch to your smart home system Siri and even Tesla, while it is very limited with YouTube. However, if you only play the music through smartphone or desktop, both are equally amazing.

YouTube Music and Apple Music Features

The last part we want to mention is their features and in our opinion one of the most attractive is the ability to watch music videos from the platform itself so we don’t have to head to another app or browser anymore. Another interesting feature offered by YouTube Music is the option to upload your own file into their library and this is something new among other platforms. It is fun because now we can access for example some songs that do not already exist in the library with much convenience.

YouTube Music vs Apple Music

Both of these platforms are amazing for those who want to have their music on the go and they are also priced wisely. In the amount of songs they carry almost any artists and genres but in coverage Apple wins with more countries in their list and its convenient compatibility with other Apple products if you are already using and living with the ecosystem. YouTube however, has this option to upload your own mp3 which is interesting as you can store those in the cloud and free your storage.

YouTube MusicApple Music
- Not as popular

- 2nd most popular

- Include YouTube Premium
- Compatibility with Apple products

- Less coverage

- Available in more countries
- Can upload song
- Interactive lyric view


The options are all yours because not all of us will have the same preference and in comparison we do like Apple Music better because we also use other products from the brand hence it is just more streamlined in application but YouTube Music is a very powerful app as well.

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