Youtube Music vs Spotify

Music is a great aspect of humans’ life. Music is a magical thing, able to deliver the beauty of notes that may change our mood immediately. Want to be relaxed? Put some jazz. Putting on morning music can be useful for enhancing the mood when you wake up from your sleep.

No wonder that music apps are growing, reaching the wide range markets. The old traditional music player that originally installed on everyone phones is becoming more irrelevant now. Time for digital music has come. If you refer to what’s the best music app possible, many people would say the name Spotify.

Spotify has become a popular thing to have since years ago. The ability of stream music and integration with other devices are the things that shine at that time. Many brands want to accomplish the same success, including Youtube. It has what it’s called Youtube Music, which basically focuses more on music aspects.

Can it actually put down Spotify as the greatest or top best music app? Or Spotify is still the same owner of the “best music app” crown? Let’s see about that.


Crowned as King years ago, Spotify still becomes an popular music app to have today. It’s swarming on everyone’s phone, getting better updates, as well as popularity. Spotify is known for streaming music, so you won’t able to either download or play music offline. But it’s different from Youtube in that you can actually play the music while the screen is off.

Everyone will look up to the 9.99 dollars per month Spotify Premium that is designed for a single user. For more people, it has the Family Plant that is 14.99 dollars per month for up to six persons within the same house. The accounts will be billed to the same home address. Want to look for a more affordable one? You can try the Spotify Student plan for only 4.99 dollars per month. Read also: Spotify vs Spotify Premium.

The same as Youtube or any other digital media streaming, there’s an ad on the Spotify Free Version. The music will paused a moment at any time possible. This can be annoying, really annoying that many would choose to the premium one immediately. And about the supported countries, Spotify can be played in 60 different countries. A lot more than Youtube Music’s 17.

Spoty has about 30 million songs in its catalog, filled with artists that you know or don’t know. And the interesting thing about Spotify is its algorytm, which became a main interest for the music and tech enthusiasts. It has what it’s called as Daily Mix that does a little tweak to listening-based stations in every single day, plus the Discover Weekly. This can maintain the whole ordeal of recommended songs based on what you actually like. All the musics will fit your taste, so you can get more rock music going on without getting any jazz music slipped in.

Another thing to notice is about the sound quality. Yes, the sound quality really depends on the hardware of your phone, but the quality of the music may be determined by the software capabilities. Spotify can offer a feature that only exists in the Premium version, which is the Extreme audio option. With this, you can hear the music that is delivered around 320 kbps.

Spotify also has Android Auto support, which is the basic function the other audio apps should have. It’s possible to connect your Spotify account right away with the integrated Android-built display. It’s really simple and, of course, pretty much usable for everyday usage.

Youtube Music

The Youtube brand’s clearly stronger than Spotify. Being a media streaming from years ago, Youtube has become number one. Still carrying the characteristics from the original Youtube, Youtube Music won’t allow you to play music while the screen is off. You need to make your screen on all the time when playing some music, resulting in more battery consumption.

The plans are a little bit confusing here on Youtube Music. Since there’s a Youtube Premium on the market, getting a Youtube Music subscription seems to be a new way to waste your money. Youtube Music will cost you 9.99 dollars per month for a single user and 14.99 dollars per month for family. Basically the same amount as Spotify.

But, with an extra two dollars, you can get the Youtube Premium, which gets rid of the ads, and enable background and offline playback in Youtube Music, Youtube, Youtube Gaming, Youtube Kids, Youtube VR, all while giving you premium features in Youtube and Youtube Music. It’s an obvious thing to pick Youtube Premium subscription than Youtube Music.

Youtube Music itself is limited to only 17 countries around the world, with only 2 countries inside Asian region. We may expect a wider range in the future, but that seems not to happen anytime soon.

About the library, Youtube Music is basically limitless like the original Youtube. You can listen to the original songs, concerts, fan covers, or any others. Some of the fans’ creations are eliminated due to the copyright claims though.

Youtube Music recommendation isn’t as great as Spotify. All the things that you have searched in Youtube Music will be shown up in Youtube, vice versa. This can make the recommendation section messed up with random stuff.

The sound quality seems to be lesser with the limited 128 kbps of sound quality. Youtube, again, said they will add better audio quality in the future. We’ll never know the exact time when that will happen.

Youtube Music vs Spotify

Youtube MusicSpotify
- YouTube Music, on the other hand, allows you to pick and play any track you like, making it much more useful
- Only has music on-demand and curated playlists
- YouTube Music offer access to tens of millions of songs- Cross-fade songs, add your own songs to the local library
- YouTube Music offers three personalized playlists
- Available in at least 20 countries around the world
- YouTube Music is far simpler and lets you see what songs you've played directly from within the app- Several subscription options, including for students and for family


It’s pretty clear that we would choose Spotify. Spotify still shines as the top app for streaming music, with large collections in the library, better sound quality, and of course, the notable smarter algorithms. It is designed as a good audio streaming service, and it’s true. It’s one of the best you can get out there, and the Premium version is always worth the price.

Youtube music still can’t be the greatest on this one. It does lack some features and accessibility, plus blessed with some minor bugs as well. With the music videos that are released on Youtube getting more abundant recently, we don’t see how the Youtube Music can be relevant at any point. 

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