Zabbix vs New Relic

Today, we have Zabbix vs New Relic. You are probably confused in choosing between these two network monitoring solutions. Honestly, these two network monitoring solutions are great. But they come with different features, and they offer different advantages. So, before you make your choice, make sure that you read the comparisons below.

The first difference that people usually mention when choosing between Zabbix and New Relic is the price. How much budget are you willing to spend for your network monitoring system? If your budget is limited or you simply want to press down your expense, Zabbix can be a great choice. Just like Zabbix vs Icinga2, Zabbix is a free open-source software application. You can get Zabbix and install it by yourself, without having to pay for the license.

On the other hand, New Relic is a freemium software application. It is available in a free version that only monitors your servers. For an infrastructure monitoring system, you need to purchase a subscription service, which costs at least $24per month. Adding advanced features and premium support can increase the total cost. Nevertheless, there is a 30-day trial period if you want to try the premium service.

Ease of Use
One of the considerations that people usually think about when choosing between Zabbix vs New Relic is the ease of use. If you only need a basic monitoring functionality, and you want to operate it with ease and simplicity, Zabbix is the way to go. It is loved by many people because it is very easy to install and operate. It comes with a powerful web-based GUI, through which you can have great control over your network. Configurations and settings can be performed through the GUI. However, some experienced users don’t really like such design – they prefer manual file editing for setting and configuration because that’s faster.

On the other hand, New Relic is quite more complex to install and operate. This is because it has more customizations and features. However, once you get the hold of it, New Relic can be a powerful monitoring tool.

However, the simplicity of Zabbix comes at the cost of lacking customization. As mentioned above, Zabbix is great for basic monitoring. But it does not have much customization. It lacks advanced report templates, and it also does not have real-time reporting. Zabbix may also have reduced performance when working with more than 1,000 nodes due to the limitations of the PHP backend and web-based GUI.

New Relic is a more suitable solution for customized requirements. It has lots of features, and it is highly customizable. It has great app availability for monitoring, reporting, and alerting purposes. In addition, it can also integrate with cloud systems. Last but not least, New Relic is generally more suitable for very large networks, as the performance is more stable.

ZabbixNew Relic
- Free and open-source- The server monitoring tier is free, but the infrastructure monitoring is paid
- Easier installation and operation- Relatively more complex
- Limited customization- Great customization with lots of features
- Performance may start to decline with more than 1,000 nodes- Generally stable performance

For basic monitoring, Zabbix makes the best way to go. It is very cost-effective, considering that it is free. However, it lacks customization and real-time reporting. You should choose New Relic if you need great customization with lots of features.

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