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In the old days, artists often faced difficulties in selling their arts because they were unable to maintain their own stocks and inventories. However, you can now sell your arts in a fairly risk-free way with the help of a print-on-demand (POD) website. Basically, a POD website enables you to upload your designs and place those designs on different products. The company prints and ships the products to the customers, and gives you commissions in return. Two recently trending POD websites are Zazzle vs Society6. What are the differences between them? Which one is better?

Store Front
Each of the two platforms here allows you to create a store front, which will act as a landing page where you sell your designed items. Society6 comes with a very attractive store front which looks like an artist’s portfolio. Here, you can see all of your designs as prints. When you select a design, you can further see the products that are compatible with the design. Such interface is very neat and clean; it is very intuitive to use.

Unfortunately, the downside of Society6 is that you can only have one store front per account. Well, this is not a problem at all if you want to focus all your arts in a single place. But, if you want to put your different arts in different places, Society6 is not really suitable, unless you don’t mind the hassle of having multiple accounts.

On the other hand, Zazzle’s store front has been recently revamped so that the “Home” tab becomes the landing page of the store front. In the “Home” tab, the most popular products are shown first, followed by the item categories that you have set up (you can customize which categories to be shown), and then the recently sold products, and finally the latest products. See also: Redbubble vs Zazzle.

Next to the “Home” tab, there are the “Products” tab which contains your more popular items, the “Collections” tab which can include your own products along with other people’s products, the “Comments” tab, and finally the “About” tab. The interface is quite an improvement from the previous version, but it is still a little cluttered. On the good side, Zazzle does allow you to have multiple store fronts with a single account.

Ease of Use
The next thing that we will compare between Zazzle vs Society6 is the ease of use. Zazzle is actually quite easy to use. On Zazzle, you upload an image only once, and you will be able to use the image multiple times on different items. However, you have to create each item separately, one by one, and you also need to add custom tags for each item. The whole process can be quite time-consuming. Zazzle does have a “Quick Create” function, but it is not recommended because it is buggy and somehow unpredictable.

The advantage of Zazzle is that you can greatly customize each item with text and images. The level is customization is quite deep.

On the other hand, Society6 is very easy and convenient to use. You can manage multiple different products very quickly. First, you upload the original image and choose the suitable tags. Then you upload the image again in different sizes up to 11 times. This image is automatically placed on all of the products.

With Society6, you can have your arts placed on multiple items in no time. The downside is that the customization is much more limited. You can only change the colors of some items. You cannot change the placement of the image.

Zazzle vs Society6 seem to have different primary audiences. Zazzle is more catered towards people looking for products with graphic designs. Here, you can find lots of graphic t-shirts, mugs, caps, business cards, birthday cards, and wedding invitations.

On the other hand, the main audience of Society6 is people that are interested in fine arts. Here, there are a lot of art prints. There are also various ways of displaying art works, such as tapestries and framed art prints. Somehow, the number of customers in Society6 isn’t as high as Zazzle. But it is worth a shot if you indeed specialize in fine arts or the likes.

Range of Products
The next difference between Zazzle vs Society6 is their ranges of products. Zazzle does have a lot more products to choose from. New items are added on a regular basis. The quality of the products is generally good, and the print quality is also good and detailed.

On the other hand, Society6 comes with a more refined list of items. Nevertheless, they do add new products every once in a while, such as the throw blankets which have just been added. The products of Society6 often have great looks. The quality is quite ensured; all apparel items are of American brands.

On Zazzle, you can set your own commission rate. The usual commission rate is about 10%, but you can make it higher or lower as needed. Keep in mind, though, that the commission rate has a direct effect to the total price that the customers will have to pay. If you make it too high, you won’t be able to compete with other stores.

Zazzle provides two options for getting your payment. You can get your payment via a PayPal transfer or a cheque. Note that you need to have at least $50 in the balance to request a payout via a PayPal transfer, or at least $100 to request a cheque payout.

On the other hand, Society6 has a fixed commission rate for products and an adjustable commission rate for prints. The sales tend to fluctuate, with the highest moments happening around holidays and the lowest moment in early summer.

Society6 has a 30-day clearance period for a new account. While in this period, you can’t request a payout. However, once the period is over, Society6 will send your pay outs automatically on the first day of every month with whatever balance that you have at that moment. The payouts are sent via PayPal.

- You can have multiple store fronts with one account- One store front per account
- In-depth customization, but takes a lot of time- Limited customization, but simpler and quicker to use
- Most customers are looking for products with graphic designs- The audience is catered more towards fine arts
- Adjustable commission rate- Fixed commission rate for products, adjustable for prints
- $50 minimum payout for PayPal, $100 minimum for cheque- Monthly payouts via PayPal with no minimum

If you specialize in graphics designs, Zazzle is the best way to go. You would also want to choose Zazzle if you need in-depth customization or if you prefer an adjustable commission rate. However, Society6 makes an excellent place for people specializing in fine arts. Society6 is quite simpler and easier to use, and it can send your payouts regularly every month.

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