Society6 vs Redbubble

There are so many print-on-demand platforms out there, which artist like you can use to make some money by selling your creativity. With this kind of platforms, now you don’t have to think about the complicated things of producing and delivering your goods. In today Society6 vs Redbubble article, we are going to compare these two similar platforms to give you information regarding what you can expect from them. If you are interested in either or both of them, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Society6 and Redbubble
– How to make money with Society6
– How Society6 and Redbubble will pay you
– Society 6 vs Redbubble

About Society6
For those artists like painter, drawer, doodler or any other type of visual artist, the name Society6 is probably already familiar to you. This platform is quite popular among artists and is actually a decent platform for those who are seeking to make money from their artistic creations. Just like many other similar platforms, this one also offer numerous types of products, such as Bath mats, carry-all pouches, laptop sleeves, backpack, and even cutting boards. You can put your own design on them and then let the shop deal with the rest.

Making Money with Society6
Before you can use the platform and get paid for your design, of course you have to be a verified member first. You can make an account at Society6 page. After you are done creating your account, you can start uploading your artwork but it is always recommended to pay attention to the resolution since it has to be at least 6500 X 6500 or larger and not less than 720dpi. You can submit any type of visual art, whether it is hand drawn or created in a design program as well as word art.

Promotion Platforms
To make money from your arts, the items where your art is printed must be sold to the buyer and to make them aware of your product, you have to promote them first. We are not talking about any big advertisement or those, which will require you to pay for it. In fact, you can use whatever in your possession right now, the easiest example is your social media account. Just for a recommendation, in recent years, the popularity of Instagram are unbelievably rising.

Many creators are also using it to promote their visual work. Another popular platform is Facebook, which is basically a social media platform of every one. They also great for networking both personally and professionally to build your community and niche interest group.

Society6 Pricing
Society6 will pay your earnings based on the products sold to buyer in which your designs are printed on. The company set a basic price for every item they sell and the highest sum of money you will get is if you can sell an art that printed into a metal print, which will get you approximately $16 per item at the most and the lowest is the art printed in a mug, which will give you around $1.5 per item.

Of course between those two, there are numerous other products with their own price. When your design is sold, you will get your payment between the first and third of the following month via your PayPal account. To put it simply, your payment will arrive around one and half month after it is sold.

About Redbubble
Another platform you can pick to sell your visual arts is Redbubble. Compared to Society6, this platform is probably more popular and well-known by people in general since it is one of the main player in the market proven by the high traffic to the site by Alexa. Just like many similar platforms, you can find numerous items here ranging from smaller piece of arts to those that can cover your entire interior. For a simple and reliable platform to make money, Redbubble is the right place to go.

Making Money with Redbubble
Before making any money with the platform, you have to sign up first and fill where they should pay you for the arts; the options are PayPal and bank account in limited countries. After you are done setting up your account, you can start uploading your arts and to ensure they are fitting the product requirements, big items will also need a bigger resolution, but just to be simple you can start at 7632 x 6480 pixels that can even fit to be printed at Redbubble king size duvet covers. Read also:

Pomotion Platforms
Since you are an independent artist, promoting your work is important to let people know about your design and the product it is printed on. Doing the marketing yourself is the best way to sell your work as well as building a supportive and passionate fan base whether you want to make connection professionally or as a personal. Since most people have smartphone and social media today, promoting through these free platforms is the easiest method. You can use any platform you want such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Redbubble Pricing
As for the pricing system, Redbubble will let you to control what you are selling. The company claims in average, their artists earn a 17% margin of retail price, but whether you want to lower or increase it is all up to you. Each one of the product sell by the platform are come with a base price and to create the retail price, you have to decide the margin, which is your profit. Even though you can set it yourself, it is better to keep it moderate to attract buyers.

Now, let’s compare Society6 with Redbubble. The basic difference between these two platforms is probably how they set the pricing point since even though both have a base price, you will only allowed to set your own margin in for all products in Redbubble. Society6 does allow you to set the pricing but only for art prints, framed art prints, and stretched canvases.

Another difference is the pay cycle because Redbubble will pay you starting the 15th of the month every month while with Society6, you will have to wait longer than a month to get paid for your sold items.

Society6 vs Redbubble

- Less popular- More popular
- Set pricing for few items- Set pricing for all items
- Payment takes longer than Redbubble- Payment start every 15th

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good platform to make some decent spending money, but if we are about to choose, we will recommend you Redbubble since not only it is more popular, it also let you set your own margin and pay faster than Society6.

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