Spreadshirt vs Zazzle

Printing on demand service is very popular nowadays and while the more company show up, the better the competition is, it can be hard to decide which we should go for, either as customers or partners. Among those many companies, Spreadshirt vs Zazzle are two very well-known names to consider and they have been growing fast with trusted and reliable quality. If you are also considering to buy or sell in these companies, see which will benefit you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Print on Demand is Good
– What are Spreadshirt and Zazzle
– Are Spreadshirt and Zazzle Easy to Use
– Are Spreadshirt and Zazzle Expensive
– How are the Printing Quality of Spreadshirt and Zazzle
– What Shipping Method Available in Spreadshirt and Zazzle
– Spreadshirt Vs Zazzle

Print on Demand

It is 2019 and there are lots of methods to make money without stepping out of the house because with our connected network, everything can be done from our house remotely and it is indeed convenient to both people who can’t leave the house for certain reason or want to get a side income outside their main job. One of the best ways to make a living or side income is with POD or print on demand which is very popular in the last decade.

As the name suggests, this is a business model or more accurately an ecommerce model which is allowing seller from anywhere or anyone to sell their customized products which were printed with certain design after being ordered by the customer. This business model is growing so fast and while some are not able to keep up with the strict competition, there are lots that can hold their position as trusted companies both for people who want to sell their work or get a unique items.

The best benefit of this type of business model seen from the user, seller, or partner is we don’t have to hold any inventory or basically don’t have to prepare anything except for the tool needed to create the design. All what we need to do is sign up with the company and they will take care of the rest of the process from accepting the payment, preparing or choosing the main material to process, and even shipping the product to your customers.

If you are familiar with dropshipping practice then it is using the same system for the seller doesn’t have to deal with inventory management and shipping. Additionally, it is convenient for anyone can sell on those sites and the creating process itself can be done anywhere as long as you have a smart device and internet connection. Taken from the buyer or customer point of view, POD is like another store to try.

The best things about shopping from POD service is that there are tons of options and many of them are designed by professionals or people who have the same taste as you. We do see repeated designs here and there but when you find something unique and matching whatever you like or related to your hobby, it will be a very nice and convenient way to shop. In addition, in case the product is defective or low in quality, we can turn them back and ask for a refund.

About Spreadshirt and Zazzle

No matter if you are an artist and want to try marketing your design by printing them on various interesting objects or a buyer who wants to look for a unique items like apparel, a POD site should give an interesting benefit for both users. As online shopping continues to emerging and preferred by our current society, so is this ecommerce business and this means there will be lots of companies to consider from those we may not heard of yet to the leading brands in the market.

Talking about POD ecommerce, there will be tons to consider but Spreadshirt and Zazzle are two among the top 10 both in terms of revenue and market share. They are an example of how successful a platform can be but when it comes to deciding which will be your next money making site, things can be a little bit confusing since we never have an experience with either of them. Similar to most similar platforms, there are mixed reviews about their quality but most users are satisfied with these companies.

Spreadshirt has been in the game for quite some time and probably at the same age as some of you because this service has been established since 2002 and they have a long history in providing good quality print as well as material in which the ink will be pressed. They were founded in Germany and the headquarters is still in Leipzig where the company was founded but is now operating in both Europe and North America as well as have factories in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Similarly, Zazzle is not a new name in the market since they have been established in 2005 and even get the founding from Google investors. They have been performing well and even recognized as one of the Hottest Silicon Valley Companies in 2010 by Lead411. Its main office is based in California and the operation includes digital printing, embroidered decoration of retail apparel, as well as personalized products. Both of them have lots of products to offer from the standard clothing items like t-shirts to accessories like phone case.

Spreadshirt and Zazzle User Experience

One of the most important points when looking for a POD service is their site because some of them are not as friendly for beginners and this is definitely not the case for Spreadshirt and Zazzle because these two are offering an easy to use layout straight from the first page. We will be guided through each section depending on what you want to do on their site such as looking for a finished products, creating on their site by customizing design, or make it your own by uploading them.

What’s different is Spreadshirt will instantly preview the finished or at least overview of your finished products because they ask the product first; for example a t-shirt thus, the design will appear on top of the product to give you an idea of how they will look like. On the other hand, Zazzle ask you to create the design first based on the available template provided by the site. If you ever use printing service like GotPrint Vs Vistaprint, the designing room is very similar to these POD respectively.

Spreadshirt and Zazzle Price

Now moving to the price and this is varying widely even among POD companies because different material will make the base price different as well and we are not even counting the printing price yet which is based on the complexity of your design. For sellers who want to make money with Spreadshirt and Zazzle, they will let you decide the profit margin for the product depending on how high or low you want to sell so we can adjust the level of difficulties and how much we want from each design.

If you are here to create a custom product for personal use and don’t plan to sell to customers, we don’t even have to make an account since their site accept guests as well as allow visitors to try and use their design. After you have done designing and choosing the product in which they will be printed, there will be a price at the end of the process. We have tried them with simpler templates and custom words then the site show $13.49 and $17.95 per item.

Spreadshirt and Zazzle Printing Quality

Moving forward, quality is also one of the most important points to consider if you are looking for a place to make money for customers have to be satisfied with the finished products. Comparing the finished printed shirt from Spreadshirt and Zazzle, we are not sure if they are working together with different apparel companies at once or not but the first comes in American Apparel shirt while the latter use Haynes shirt. Printing brightness is slightly better in Zazzle with more pronounced color.

This is probably because of how the shirt quality affecting the printing result and since Zazzle is using a shirt with larger texture, the finished printed words doesn’t seem as smooth as what you get in Spreadshirt. Overall, we like the quality and detail presented by Spreadshirt better.

Spreadshirt and Zazzle Shipping

The last is shipping for we need a reliable and quick shipping to allow customer or us as a user receiving the product faster. Sreapdshirt has both domestic and international shipping for some countries, similar to Zazzle and they equally offer 3 types of shipping; Standard, Premium, and Express. Just like any shipping options, the faster they will arrive, the more expensive the cost will be but this is not a concern for sellers since customers will be the one who decide which shipping mode they want to use.


Both of Spreadshirt and Zazzle are a great place to start making side income or to look for a unique items with your own design. They are equally easy to use and have lots of free design to incorporate with your taste but comparing the price, it seems that Zazzle is selling their product especially shirt at a higher retail price. Both of them have reliable shipping but when it comes to printing quality, we do prefer the material and finished products of Spreadshirt for it has better quality.

Spreadshirt vs Zazzle

- Cheaper - More expensive
- Offer detailed price for guest/customer - Directly displaying final price
- Nicer printing result - Mediocre printing result
- Currently doesn’t offer as much product options - Offer wider range of product options


All in all these POD companies are an amazing place to use your creativity to make money or to find some unique products with interesting design. However, if we are to choose, we do prefer Spreadshirt better for its lower cost and better quality.

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